Exploring Historic Route 66: Journey to Landmarks Near Scottsdale

Exploring Historic Route 66: Journey to Landmarks Near Scottsdale
Route 66: Journey to Landmarks Near Scottsdale

Exploring Historic Route 66

As a local Scottsdale realtor, I’m passionate about showcasing the incredible attractions and historic landmarks that make our region unique. In this blog post, I’ll take you on a journey Exploring Historic Route 66, highlighting the timeless landmarks and nostalgic attractions that can be found near Scottsdale, Arizona. Whether you’re looking to move to the area or simply planning a visit, exploring Route 66 offers an unforgettable adventure through the heart of America’s past.

Petrified Forest National Park

Although a couple of hours’ drive from Scottsdale, Petrified Forest National Park is an essential stop for any Route 66 enthusiast. The park is home to one of the largest and most colorful concentrations of petrified wood in the world and the striking Painted Desert landscapes. The park also features historic Route 66 attractions, including a preserved 1932 Studebaker and the Old Painted Desert Inn site. For more information, visit www.nps.gov/pefo.

Winslow, Arizona: Such a Fine Sight to See

Standin’ on the Corner Park One of Route 66’s most famous stops is the Standin’ on the Corner Park in Winslow, Arizona. Inspired by the Eagles’ hit song “Take It Easy,” this roadside attraction features a life-sized bronze statue of a man with a guitar and a mural depicting a girl in a flatbed Ford, celebrating the lyrics of the classic tune. The park offers a fun photo opportunity and a chance to connect with the musical history of Route 66. Learn more at www.standinonthecorner.com.

Meteor Crater

Located about 30 miles east of Flagstaff, Meteor Crater is a must-visit attraction for Route 66 explorers. This massive, well-preserved impact site was created approximately 50,000 years ago when a meteorite collided with the Earth, leaving a crater nearly a mile wide and over 550 feet deep. The visitor center features interactive exhibits, a movie theater, and guided tours of the rim, providing an educational and awe-inspiring experience. Visit www.meteorcrater.com for more information.

Flagstaff Museum Club

Route 66 and the Museum Club Flagstaff, Arizona, is a popular Route 66 destination, with a historic downtown district that preserves the charm of the Mother Road era. Be sure to stop by the Museum Club, a legendary roadhouse established in 1931. Originally a taxidermy museum, the club evolved into a popular music venue and dance hall. Today, the Museum Club offers live music, dancing, and a friendly atmosphere, making it an essential stop on your Route 66 adventure. Find out more at www.themuseumclub.com.

Williams: Gateway to the Grand Canyon

The Gateway to the Grand Canyon, Williams, Arizona, is often referred to as the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon” due to its proximity to the natural wonder. This charming town boasts a well-preserved stretch of Route 66, complete with neon signs, classic diners, and vintage motels. While in Williams, be sure to visit the Pete’s Route 66 Gas Station Museum, a tribute to the golden age of gas stations, featuring vintage cars, signs, and memorabilia. Imagine stepping back in time as you explore the museum, with its walls adorned with old photographs and maps, its floors covered in vintage-style carpet, and its tables and chairs inviting visitors to sit and reminisce. Learn more at www.experiencewilliams.com.

Exploring historic Route 66 and the timeless landmarks near Scottsdale offers a journey through Arizona’s rich history and unique attractions. Whether you’re a Route 66 enthusiast or simply seeking a memorable road trip adventure, the Mother Road provides a nostalgic experience that will leave a lasting impression. As you travel along this iconic highway, you’ll encounter diners with checkerboard floors and retro decor, where you can sip a milkshake from a tall glass and feel the spirit of a bygone era. Each stop along the way is like a piece of a puzzle, coming together to form a vivid picture of America’s automotive heritage.

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