The Hohokam Legacy: Uncovering the Ancient Civilizations Surrounding Scottsdale

The Hohokam Legacy: Uncovering the Ancient Civilizations Surrounding Scottsdale
Uncovering the Ancient Civilizations Surrounding Scottsdale

The Hohokam Legacy

As a local Scottsdale realtor, I am passionate about showcasing the history and cultural attractions that make our city a fascinating place to call home. In this blog post, I’ll highlight the Hohokam legacy and the ancient civilizations that once thrived in Scottsdale. Whether you’re a history buff, an aspiring archaeologist, or just curious about the origins of our beautiful city, the Hohokam sites and attractions offer a captivating glimpse into the past.

Who Were the Hohokam? The Hohokam people were an ancient civilization that inhabited the Salt River Valley and the surrounding areas of what is now central and southern Arizona from around 300 CE to 1450 CE. They were skilled farmers and engineers, creating an extensive network of canals for irrigation, some of which are still in use today. The Hohokam are known for their beautiful pottery, intricate shell jewelry, and impressive architectural achievements, including ball courts and platform mounds.

Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park

Located just a short drive from Scottsdale in neighboring Phoenix, the Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park offers a fascinating look into the lives of the Hohokam people. The park features a 1,500-year-old Hohokam village site, including a preserved platform mound and ball court. The on-site museum offers interactive exhibits, artifacts, and educational displays that provide a deeper understanding of Hohokam culture and history. For more information, visit

Mesa Grande Cultural Park

Mesa Grande Cultural Park is home to a massive Hohokam platform mound that dates back over 1,000 years. As one of the few remaining examples of Hohokam public architecture, the site offers a unique opportunity to explore this ancient civilization’s engineering and construction techniques. The park also features interpretive signage and guided tours, helping visitors appreciate the significance of the site and its role in Hohokam society. Learn more at

Hohokam Stadium

Though not an archaeological site, Hohokam Stadium in Mesa pays homage to the ancient civilization through its name. As the spring training home of the Oakland Athletics, this modern-day attraction provides a connection to the past by celebrating the legacy of the Hohokam people. Attending a spring training game at Hohokam Stadium is a fun way to connect with both Arizona’s ancient history and its love for baseball. For more information, visit

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Located about an hour’s drive south of Scottsdale, the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument showcases the impressive “Great House” built by the Hohokam people during the 14th century. This four-story structure, made from caliche, a type of desert-adapted concrete, is one of the most significant architectural achievements of the Hohokam culture. The site features a visitor center with informative displays, artifacts, and a guided tour that delves into the history and purpose of the Great House. Visit for more details.

The Hohokam legacy and the ancient civilizations surrounding Scottsdale offer a fascinating look into the history and culture that shaped the region. By visiting these sites and attractions, you’ll better appreciate the rich heritage that has influenced modern-day Scottsdale.

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